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"I make it so the pain doesn't matter."

Every time I think Hannibal Lecter can't possibly make me think any worse of him, he goes and proves me wrong. It's not supposed to be a competition you utter fucking be-suited DISTILLED ESSENCE OF DICKHAT. I can't muster up any literary monologuing because of how much I just want him to die.

Although, man, Chilton is going to feel like suuuuch a dumbass in maybe a couple of months. Probably not proportional to his actual level of dumbassery, which has its own gravity well and distorts the light of distant stars, but every bit helps. I also want to kick Will in the groin a little, but honestly, I don't think anything I could do would possibly be worse than what he'll feel when he finds out.

Man. Anyway, the distressed wailing can be traced in my direction, if that was confusing you. Sorry.

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Are we not created in his image?

Hmm. I should get a Hannibal icon, probably. It's a show that rapidly managed to glue me into my chair (with the occasional "oh christ no what ugh" moment when I'm peeking through my fingers) (oh god no pun intended on the most recent murder-artist argh) (arrrrgh) by hitting buttons I wasn't entirely aware I had - both pleasant and, um, not. I just want to draw a possible parallel in the latest episode and it's possibly not the one you think? So look beneath the cut for spoilers, if you want.

Certainly not with that attitude.Collapse )

Non-spoiler: this show is so good and so incredibly weird.

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I made the shift! This may have have been due to the lovely and well-explained instructions provided by the Dreamwidth folks that allowed me to import all my stuff. (Because I can't just leave it there or something. What do you take me for, some kind of crazy person? I must have my posts. My posts. My precioussss.)

So hello again! I apologise for the long vanishment. I tried to make my presence known, but "popping up out of the blue to jabber for a while and then sinking again" was probably not that effective or, er, endearing. I assure you that I was not dead or in even moderate peril - just angry at Livejournal and confused by Tumblr.

I am studying English Literature so that I may get a degree. It is enjoyable! This semester we are looking at Romanticism. The level of pouting performed by authors I once viewed with awe is spectacular. One thing I love very much about this topic (and the Arts) is that studying these people who've been enshrined in the halls of Brilliant Creators reveals - to my slight surprise - that they are still people. And this fact makes their work far more appealing, because it didn't arise from some hidden wellspring of genius that no one else discovered, but from where art arises in anyone. Things like sadness, joy, anger, frustration, boredom and - of course - the need for money. Some of the Romanticists thought they could found great governments and societies on their philosophising, so they could be as naive as we are, too. It's a continuously repeated but always wonderful discovery to make. Especially with the additional discovery that women wrote just as well and just as much, even if that keeps being forgotten.

...That was all a bit heavier than I intended, so have a picture of one of my dogs. His name is Caliban. I named him that because I thought the name the shelter gave him was too dignified. He's mostly called Cal, and he is a good boy.

Whosh a good boy?Collapse )

Good boy.

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"Casualties...too many."

I don't know whether to recommend Spec Ops: The Line, because having finished it I'm quite sure that I never want to play it again. It's very mean to shooter fans and its gameplay is pretty indifferent.

But despite it being set in a city occupied by refugees and American troops in the middle of the desert and wracked by sandstorms, it reminds me very strongly of Bioshock. It uses Nolan North to his fullest potential. It had Bjork and Jimi Hendrix in the soundtrack! It makes "No Russian" look utterly absurd (which is good, because it was). Its visual design should be freakin' studied.

If you do decide to play it, I would recommend lining up a game where you can just walk around being nice to people and chocolate (or your comfort drink of choice) for afterwards. And try not to think about white phosphorous.

There is not a single speaking female role, though, which is aggravating.


Okay, look, when a thing is not actually Resident Evil, and the only thing I want is that it not turn into Resident Evil, and then it turns into Resident Evil, I think I am justified in complaining!

Especially since there's so much Resident Evil on the marketplace as it is.

Oddly Specific

So...I'm upset about a fictional character's death - really, genuinely upset, the way I was over certain character deaths in ME3 - but not because I don't think that character deserved to die or found the scene particularly sad. That character was an asshole, and plot developments had heightened the assholery to levels where death was probably the most merciful thing.

I'm upset because that character's few redeeming features weren't so much as touched upon.

I'm upset because the one redeeming feature that character did have was written out in such a way that one wonders why they bothered with it in the first place.

I'm upset because what characterisation and redeeming features they did have (pretty meagre) were about-faced in side-material and not in the plot itself.

I'm upset because that character's death was treated without a hint of poignancy.

I'm upset because I feel a little ashamed of being upset about this, because neither I nor anyone else have claimed it was a great story. And it's not. It still isn't.

But I feel much more gutted by this development than, say the ending of Mass Effect 3, and that had a fanbase up in arms enough to see BioWare hastily promise to expand upon it in a move I feel vaguely annoyed about, since I don't much like it when fans think they know better. But while ME3 did wring my emotions out of me, I was satisfied enough with what it gave me, as a piece of entertainment (albeit with a few lingering questions). Here, I'm angry and disappointed, regretting all the time I invested. And nobody's going to be joining me in protest. That's perfectly logical and fine. I shouldn't care this much.

So what does one do when angrily disappointed with a guilty pleasure?

...Hmmm. Probably write fixfic?

If anyone can guess what I'm talking about, um, sorry for the spoilers, if you care. But I kinda doubt it.


A Reaction.

Me: That was amazing! Awe-inspiring! I can't wait to see how it'll change everything in the galaxy! What will happen next?
Mass Effect 3: Unreleased DLC! :D
Me: ...What?
Mass Effect 3: Deeeee Eeelll Ceeee!

...That's mildly annoying. Otherwise it was a gorgeous game, though.
Something I have decided after flicking through complaints about BioWare and their plot methods:

If you break a story down into its most basic clichés shorn of all context, that doesn't mean the story is actually basic or clichéd. It means you have a rough understanding of the way media is constructed. Good for you. Round of applause. Have a chocolate.

It doesn't form a basis for criticism, and attempting to act like it does makes you look like an asshole.

Signed, Someone Who Directly Compared Mass Effect 3 and Baldur's Gate And Was Blown Away By The Improvement Upon All Aspects Of The Latter In The Former, Thank You Very Much.

(P.S. Also, if you're complaining about how the choices in any of the newer BioWare games are forced, morally restricting and limited, while praising the game based on a system which put a helpful little label on every character to tell you whether they were nice or an asshole, you probably need to re-examine your argument.)

Thiourf. Thifourth. Thfieth? So stupid.

News about that new Thief game whose working title is too silly to reproduce here is pretty scarce. For all that it was announced more than a year ago, there have been no trailers, no concept art, no prospective features, no hints about the plot or tone or setting or protagonists it may or may not have (and since the third game rounded off the overarching plot pretty definitely, those parts would be important. Those last four things are Thief - their interplay and interconnection with the game mechanics and design made it beautiful). It's been relegated to the back of my mind lately mostly because SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM and to a lesser extent various other things I've been following. And life, too. I suppose life is involved somewhere.

I just found something to spark my interest again, though; a piece of flotsam kicked up by Good Old Games getting their hands onto Thief Gold and Thief 2: Metal Age and poking them into working on today's computers. (Run and buy them now!) Thief did things with sound that games today still don't do. So it was somewhat of a relief to find the fellow in charge of the new game's noise-making (Paul Wier), despite not being Eric Brosius, making this presentation about generative sound (or making noises that shift smoothly in tone, key, scale and general mood according to specific game states on the fly, rather than composing looped backing tracks for each setting or situation). And it was an instant sell for me because of the slow thrumming atmosphere he brought about. No heavy percussion, no noticeable melody, just...foreboding.

Because of course, Thief is not about being James Bond or Solid Snake or Sam Fisher or Catwoman. It's darkness and stone, old magic and the dead, and the ever-present press of technology and zealotry.

...Anyway it's called Stealing Sound and if you don't want to listen to a somewhat nasal-sounding dude talking about the processes going on you can just skip to the last two or three minutes and listen to the impromptu track he plays. The volume might need to be turned up. Also headphones are possibly necessary for the proper experience. Mmm, tasty noise.


...LiveJournal just gave me a free paid-time extension.

They're resorting to bribes now? An apology would have worked better.